Last night I drove across town to UCLA at the ungodly hour of 6 to do what you might ask. It surprised even me that I would act so out of character..unless of course for a worthy cause. David Szanto was giving a talk about the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. In charge of Outreach and Communication, this Montreal dweller and graduate of the University, introduced the evening with a talk about the history of Slow Food,whose goals are to safeguard local food customs, to promote food that is good clean and fair (to the consumers, producers and to the environment) and to remember that food is also pleasure. There are many definitions of gastronomy depending on your cultural filtre, but the root is gaster=stomach, nomos= word (law). This university teaches the connection between food and society, economy culture and politics. Its graduates are groomed to be leaders in changing the food world for the better, safeguard the environment and build food system sustainability...There are two campuses of this University, one in Pollenzo in Piemonte and the other in Colorno in the Emilia -Romagna, both regions with a very developed food culture.The building that the schools are housed in are beautiful and historical, the main campus in Pollenza dates back to the day of Carlo Alberto of Savoy. It not only houses the school but also a gastronomic restaurant a 4 star inn and the wine archives. There are various coursed available to students form 3 year degree course to 1 year master all sounded exquisitely fascinating and
at the end of it I was ready to leave here and embark on a new adventure...the link in case you are interested is

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